Our Company

Thank you for expressing an interest in the Bellmarc Group. We are an independent company seeking to serve buyers, sellers, owners and renters in the New York City residential market.

Bellmarc has been in my blood for over 35 years when I initially started the business with my former business partner. I began in a small office in Greenwich Village hoping for the best and suffering through worst. I have seen an abundance of buyers and a shortage of buyers. I have seen interest rates at 20% and interest rates at 1%. I have seen many old competitors come and go and I have seen many inventive companies that have changed the way the industry does business as well as others that have refused to change only to suffer the consequences.

When I initially began in this business, I had a rotary phone, used index cards to maintain my records for buyers and sellers which I kept in a box. This has evolved into a world where databases are mined, where social networking is increasingly a watchword for agents, where we work in the cloud and develop unique forms of presentation not even dreamed about 20 years ago.

However, even with all these changes my mission statement remains the same: "To offer our customers and clients a brokerage service oriented to the highest level of professionalism as a value added service and to insure that our focus remains first and foremost to accomplish the transaction at the most desirable terms."

In order to achieve our goal the Bellmarc Group has committed itself to the following:

  1. Training: The Bellmarc Group has had a reputation for offering the best training program in the industry for many years. I myself continue to be actively involved in training agents and consider it the most important component of my job.

  2. Technology: The Bellmarc Group is dedicated to creating custom designed systems in order to insure that our business is capable of responding to the specific needs of our customers and clients in the New York City Market.

  3. Neighborhood Locations: We seek to be a part of every community we serve and our offices are located at key retail locations in the neighborhoods we serve.

  4. Commitment to Change: We are dedicated to being responsive to the market by constantly reevaluating our service in order to augment the quality of our offerings and to better accommodate our clients and customers.

Business is an evolving art form. It requires creativity. It requires planning and design. It requires diligence and patience. The Bellmarc Group is blessed with a highly qualified staff of managers and professionals to assist all of our agents in moving forward everyday to accomplish our goals. The creative art form is the essence of our business.